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This is an international Iranian based language center,We hope we can do our best for all language lovers around the world so they can get together and share their knowledge.

If you are a Student join us because you can:

- Find the best local teachers near you
- Join weekly open discussion groups in your local area or anywhere you wish
- Be informed of all news about international language exams
- Ask your questions and find your answers from native speakers

If you are a Teacher or translator join us because you can:

- Introduce yourself to students
- Share your knowledge and translations
- Find institutes for teaching & new co-workers
- Have cultural communication

If you are a language Institute join us because you can:

- Find your students and keep in touch with all of them
- Share the things that you want to share for them
- Show off yourself and your capabilities.


مطالعه همین مطلب به زبان فارسی در ادامه مطلب

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