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CONVERSATION      Are you from Seoul?
Tim: are you from California; Jessica?
Jessica: Well; my family is in California now;
But we’re from Korea originally.
Tim: Oh; my mother is Korean-from  Seoul! Are you from Seoul?
Jessica: No; we’re not from Seoul. We’re from DAEJEON.
Tim: So is your first language Korean?
Jessica: Yes; it is.






CONVERSATION     He’s cute.
Emma: Who’s that?
Jill: He’s my brother.
Emma: Wow! He’s cute. What’s his name?
Jill: James. We call him Jim.
Emma: Oh’ how old is he?
Jill: He’s twenty-one year old.          
Emma: What’s he like? I bet he’s nice.
Jill: Yes; he is- and he’s very smart; too!
Emma: And who’s that?
Jill: My sister Tammy. She’s only twelve.
She’s the baby of the family.