in this category you will find dialogues in different languages and situations.It improves your speaking skills.Don't forget the best way of practicing speaking is conversation.

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  • Are you a happy person?
  • What is happiness for you?
  • What do you think is the color for happiness?
  • Do you think that happiness lies within you? Or does it depend upon other people and external things?

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CONVERSATION      it’s a disaster
Pat: Great! Our clothes are dry.
Where color is it?     
Julie: What color is it?
Pat: It’s white.
Julie: Here’s a light blue blouse.
Is it yours?
Pat: No, it’s not mine……wait.
It is mine. It’s a disaster!
Julie: Oh, no! All our clothes are light blue.
Pat: Here’s the problem. It’s these new blue jeans .whose jeans are they?
Julie: Uh, they’re mine. Sorry

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CONVERSATION      Are you from Seoul?
Tim: are you from California; Jessica?
Jessica: Well; my family is in California now;
But we’re from Korea originally.
Tim: Oh; my mother is Korean-from  Seoul! Are you from Seoul?
Jessica: No; we’re not from Seoul. We’re from DAEJEON.
Tim: So is your first language Korean?
Jessica: Yes; it is.

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CONVERSATION           they’re … interesting.
Wendy: Wow! What’s this?
Helen: It’s a camera.

Wendy: oh; cool! Thank you; Helen It’s great!

Helen: You’re welcome.

Rex: Now open this box!
Wendy: OK. Uh; what are these?
Rex: They’re earrings.
Wendy: Oh. They’re … interesting.

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It’s nice to meet you

CONVERSATION               I’m Jennifer Miller. (Interchange Intro)
Michael:  Hi. My name is Michael Ota
Jennifer:  I’m Jennifer Miller.
Michael:  It’s nice to meet you, Jennifer.
Jennifer:  nice to meet you; too
Michael:  I’m sorry. What’s your last name again?
Jennifer:  It’s Miller.

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